Keith Etherington, Works at In Control.

In 1985, Keith worked with Barnardos.  He supported children and young people who were resident in the “Leslie Cox ward” which was on site at Lennox Castle Hospital.  These young people lived on the ward and even attended a “school” on site.

Keith was one of a team charged with moving the young people out of the institution and into an appropriate care setting. In 1985, nine hundred and ninety six people lived in Lennox Castle.

What are your memories of Lenox Castle Hospital?
It was a warehouse for people and it was enormous; the drive, grounds, “castle”, huts, trees, hills.  Everything seemed out of scale.

It was chaotic.  There wasn’t anything logical about anything - the layout, the regulations, support.  Nothing made much sense.

It was quite a scary place.  There was a malevolent atmosphere and always lots of people crowding round trying to get your attention.  A visitor always got lots of attention.

It absolutely fitted the term “asylum” with all the negative connotations that come with it.  Although constructed in the 20th century it seemed like an institution from a much, much earlier time.